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ESD 測試儀



The model ES612 ESD Tester is a 2 Pin tester designed for the evaluation of devices at both wafer level and package level. The tester is designed to carry HBM, HMM and MM ESD standards. Determination of ESD failure thresholds is made easy using one of the external DC characterization measurement capabilities. The unit can be expanded with our automatic multi-pin device tester and be used as part of your device qualification process.

The pulse source design and pulse source delivery method ensure waveform performance directly at the device under test. Current waveforms can be automatically captured and analyzed for each ESD event. In addition, voltage waveforms can be captured and used to determine the turn-on level of protection circuit. They can also be used as a means of failure determination, as the DC characterizations show changes after ESD events.

Parameters ES612-2K ES612-8K ES612-12K ES612-20K Unit
Output Voltage ± 10 ~ 2000 ± 10 ~ 8000 ± 10 ~ 12000  ± 10 ~ 20000 V
Output Voltage Step 1V up to 500V,
10V up to 2 kV
1V up to 500V,
10V up to 8 kV
1V up to 500V,
10V up to 12 kV
1V up to 500V,
10V up to 20 kV
Output Voltage Precision Better than ± 1 % ± 5 V %
Dimensions 347 X 300 X 145 mm
Weight 6 6 7 kg
V and I Measurement Passive voltage and current probes
Supported Oscilloscopes Majority models from Keysight, Tektronix, LeCroy.
Supported SMU Keithley 24xx/26xx series SMU.


Low Parasitic HBM/HMM/MM tester with high quality pulses

Low Parasitic HBM/HMM/MM tester with high quality pulses 

Friendly for probe station

Large Touch Panel and Firmware Upgradable

Optional Software Controlled Automated Pulse and Failure Measurement

Optional Pulsed IV and DC IV Characterization



General device level ESD test for wafer, packaged, PCB and system devices
HBM module meets ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2017
HMM module meets ANSI/ESD SP5.6-2009, 50 Ohm Method
MM module meets ANSI/ESD STM5.2-2019



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