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充電設備模型 (CDM) 測試系統



Charged Device Model (CDM) electrostatic discharge is a common cause of microelectronic circuit failure. Sensitive devices can be seriously damaged or destroyed by a CDM discharge at relatively low voltage. This often occurs when the static charged device contacts a metal surface at a different potential. Such an electrostatic discharge often has an extremely fast rise time.

The Model ES640 Charged Device Model (CDM) Test System is a robotic CDM test system designed to meet all popular CDM test methods, allowing both field induced air discharge methods (FICDM) and contact first (CCDM) methods. The system includes a computer, environment-controlled chamber, precision XYZ motion system, different types of CDM test setups, and an automated test and data analysis software.

Parameters ES640-150 ES640-300 Unit Comments
Max XY Motion Area ≥ 150 X 150 ≥ 300 X 300 mm Customizable
Max DUT Surface Area 160 X 160
200 X 300
320 X 320
400 X 600
mm Standard Charge Plate
Enlarged Charge Plate
Max Z Travel Distance ≥ 50 mm Customizable
Min X, Y, Z Step Size 100 nm  
Reposition Repeatability ≤ ±6 μm  
Test Voltage Range ± 1 to 2000 or 4000 V Default 2000V, Customizable
Test Voltage Step V  
Test Voltage Accuracy ± 1% ± 0.1V %  
XY Vision Resolution 1920 X 1080 Pixel Zoom & Pan
Vertical Vision Resolution 2592 X 1944 Pixel Zoom & Pan
Operating Temperature 10 to 40 (°C)  
Operating Humidity 10 to 80 %  
Power 120-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz VAC  


High resolution cameras (up to 3) allow for easy pin alignment operation

High resolution motion control system (down to below 1 μm step) 

Allows multiple devices being tested in a batch

Patent-pending CCDM method allows better repeatability

Airtight environment chamber increases drying unit efficiency

Support regenerative drying unit (no need of nitrogen)



General charged device model (CDM) system for package and wafer level tests
Support many popular latest CDM methods:
  AEC Q100-011 Rev-D (2019 Ver. follows JS-002)
  AEC Q101-005 Rev-A (2019 Ver. follows JS-002)
  ANSI/ESD SP5.3.3-2018 (LI-CCDM, vf-TLP required)
  CC-TLP (ESDA SP pending, vf-TLP required)
  Patent pending RP-CCDM method
  Legacy and customized solutions available upon request
Customizable dimension for robotic CBM (Charged Board Model) and flat panel ESD test




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